Navajo Skin Care

Navajo. Bringing your skin care and hair care ideas to life.

Navajo. Bringing your skin care and hair care ideas to life.

Navajo. Bringing your skin care and hair care ideas to life.Navajo. Bringing your skin care and hair care ideas to life.

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Walking in Beauty with Pure Essential Oils

For untold centuries, the Navajo Nation has recognized the divinity of essential plant oils. Cherished equally for beauty and health, plant-based therapy reflects the Navajos’ long-held commitment to promoting harmony between the spiritual realm, the sacred land, and all those who walk upon it.

Under the guidance of Dr. Patricia Nez Henderson, the first native American woman to graduate from the Yale School of Medicine, this exclusive line of pure essential oils derives from the finest plant sources in the world, yet is popularly priced to share their power with people everywhere. The packaging and logo have been designed by celebrated Navajo graphic artist Cal Nez as a tribute to the Nation’s culture, tradition, and arts heritage.


Sustainability the Navajo way of life!


The Dine, or Navajo People, embrace a life philosophy called “Walking in The Beauty Way”, ™ which honors all life and emphasizes the need for harmony between people, nature, land and the spiritual world. Their expansive use of naturally occurring substances, including oils and herbs, for curative purposes, is a centuries-old practice still used by the Dine today. Honoring these Navajo practices, and our own beliefs, Navajo Skin Care uses only natural ingredients in this and other fine skin care products. 

For this purpose, we have done extensive research to assure that ingredients have a recognized value beyond feeling good. Active ingredients must be supported by reputable scientific studies. Furthermore, to honor “Walking in The Beauty Way™, they must not deplete natural resources which come from a harmonious relationship between people, nature and land. 

We also focus on giving back to the Navajo Nation from whose leaders have graciously licensed their name to us, and share our view of nourishing our skin with wholesome natural ingredients. 

Our sustainability efforts seek to support not just the environment but all the people involved with Navajo Skin Care.


Let us help you with your essential oil & personal care needs!

We offer innovative CBD  and full spectrum hemp extract skin care & hair care. Please contact us at or 512-266-6100.


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